The exhibition

The exhibition basic income introduces the topic with a view to the future. We created the exhibition in 2008 and showed it for the first time at a basic income conference in Berlin in the same year. Since then the debate has progressed, so it was time to overhaul the exhibition.

2015 it was finished. We have updated the contents and re-printed it on fabric to make it  lighter and easier to send. This has decreased the transport costs.

Hire the exhibition

hiring fee: €100 -  discounted €50
transport: one-way €8.50 (sent by post within Germany).  Check postage for your country. The hirers bear all costs.

The exhibition weighs about 8kg. The banners are made of fabric. At the top the banners have a ribbon to which you can attach a nylon cord with hooks (see photo). The banners are 70cm wide and 100cm high.


Hardy Krampertz
mobile: +49 (0)176 48119492

The exhibition in detail

Here you find all banners of the exhibition basic income.

Exhibition part 1: Indroduction

Exhibition part 2: First steps

Exhibition part 3: Effects

Exhibition part 4: Future